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Not a flaw could be found in the entire cast on opening night. This was especially impressive given the fact that multiple cast members had to switch puppets throughout the night, sometimes even during the middle of a scene. The degree of difficulty seemed to be highest for Kerri Brackin, who (literally) had her hand in bringing at least six characters to life during the course of the show. While her voice was rarely heard solo, that she was able to constantly move from puppet to puppet without interrupting the flow of the story showed what a great performer she is. (at Winspear Opera House in Dallas)

Steadstyle Chicago
A special word for the beautiful and versatile Kerri Brackin, who doesn't have a lot of dialogue or any solos, but whose smile practically lights up the stage and whose skills in puppetry keep a number of plates and puppets spinning simultaneously. Brackin is a real standout here... (review by Joe Stead)

Steadstyle Chicago
...Kerri Brackin, primarily a puppeteer helps with many characters and is adorable as Mrs. T and one of the two "evil teddy bears". (review by Alan Bresloff)

Chicago Sun-Times
The current cast, under Jason Moore's fleet direction, might well be the best ever for his show that demands edginess and heart, and a deft way with voices and puppet manipulation... Kerri Brackin is the pretty blond who does a dozen different things.
"Leading the pack are Corris, Bucknam, Liscio Jr, and Brackin, whose on-stage multitasking is just astonishing..." - Michael L. Quintos
...All of the cast is terrific....He and Kerri Brackin, who's at her bitchy best as Mrs. Thistletwat, also get to crack wise as the "Bad Idea Bears", who pop up to dispense terrible advice (that's almost always taken) at the worst possible moments. - Chris Gibson, at Fox Theatre (St. Louis)

I saw Kerri Brackin in the show and she is fantastic! She is usually a swing, but if you get to see her you are lucky.

Hula Hoop Sha-Boop

Herald-Tribune (Sarasota)
...performed by four energetic performers including Kerri Brackin as Suzie...the performers work well together, creating a playful spirit...they sing strong harmonies and emerge occasionally for brief solos that show a range of vocal skills.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

TheaterJones (Dallas)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the a happy and fast-moving family show with clever puppets...the larger-than-life misfit puppets, unobtrusively and expertly manipulated by actors...long to be loved by a child, as they wistfully sing "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year." (Dallas)
This is a show that will go down in history... as a smashing HIT!...The vocals are perfect, well balanced and stylized to sound like the original television special. I was simply amazed and in awe of every new puppet character as it was revealed. As for the talent on stage, in one word...PERFECTION! Every performer is spectacular in whatever role they assume, are vocally superb and recreate these lovable iconic characters with such vitality and energy you are consistently entertained.

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Queens Chronicle (Spotlight, NY)

...Kerri Brackin as Sally and Shelly Osterberger as Lucy, quickly muscle the show underway. Both women have exceptionally good timing, exploiting the humor in the show. Both develop distinct personalities for their characters. When she is not in ballet mode, Brackin stands bolt upright like a child's doll, her arms slightly bent and stiffly by her side.....the hallmark of this production, and the reason for its success, is that the six actors excel as a team.